What People Are Saying

"We can see and hear eight waterfalls from the deck of our townhouse at Bella Terra. We were attracted to this new community's concept of a shared garden landscape with water features and rocky outcrops, as well as the spacious, innovative design of the homes themselves. Now that we're finally here, we're happy to say that the finished product - a 3-story Emerson model - exceeds our expectations. Our beautiful townhouse includes large view windows, high airy ceilings, brilliant LED lighting, and a dandy elevator much appreciated by our old dog Yumi."
    A Bella Terra homeowner

"Spokane's exceptional new lifestyle community brings residents back to nature without sacrificing material quality, accessibility, or customization. My team and I are more than impressed."
    Real Estate Broker Nancy Wynia

"I was ready to downsize and be closer to amenities. I looked at many places, but nothing was quite right. My friends told me about Bella Terra. I can have coffee looking over the garden and it’s a feast for the eyes. I have privacy when I want it, but I’m part of a lovely community of people. And everything is taken care of – no yard work, no outside maintenance."
    Retired Real Estate Broker & Bella Terra homeowner Kitty Archer

"What sets Bella Terra apart is Roger Fruci's absolute commitment to creating a residential living community that achieves a new standard for quality and a landscape that provides an amazingly beneficial impact on a person's day-to-day life. He is charting a new course for residential living in Spokane."
    Landscape Architect Jon Mueller

"As an avid hiker it's a pleasure to take a turn around the garden paths of Bella Terra and enjoy the tumbling waterfalls and boulder lined pools reminiscent of the high mountains. The central garden is like a miniature version of the Enchantments alpine lakes wilderness above Leavenworth in the Cascades with a dash of Britain's Stonehenge at its center."
    A Bella Terra homeowner

"They are absolutely stunning homes. They appeared well constructed and have tons of options for a client to customize and really make their home work for them."
    Real Estate Broker Nadine Thiele

"If Bella Terra had been available when I was looking for a home several years ago, I would have chosen to live there. That’s the highest praise you can give a project."
    Landscape Architect Anne Hanenburg

"Bella Terra Garden Homes tries to anticipate the new owners’ every need, from maximized natural light to an elevator if ever needed. I love the tranquil garden with water features, fruit trees and vegetables throughout."
    Real Estate Broker Mary Guderjohn

"Just today we received our first January-February monthly gas and electric bill, only $165 for 3,800 square feet of space! While only one month, its encouragingly less than the deep winter monthly energy costs of our previous much smaller homes back East and downtown Seattle; not a bad return for an investment in large sunny windows and clearly state-of-art insulation."
    A Bella Terra homeowner

"The thoughtfulness, from the floor plans and elevator preparation to the serene lifestyle setting, makes this a place I will want my clients to see! I was truly impressed with the thought and quality that went into creating this upscale living with a down-to-earth feel."
    Real Estate Broker Tammi Thomas