Single story Walden townhome. Ground floor living.
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1-Story Walden

2 story Walden condo offers spectacular views.
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2-Story Walden

Walden Floor Plans

1 Story
2 Story
Rooftop Terrace
All depictions are based on our current design plans and are subject to change.

The Walden 1,538 to 2,725 square feet

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The Walden provides full ground-floor living, with no steps in the first floor living area or in any of the entrances. There is a single-floor Walden, as well as a two-story model.

In addition to daylight from the wall of windows facing the garden, natural light floods the interior from the entry side of the Walden, as well as from optional skylights. Several options let you choose the look and function of the private courtyard/patio area that opens to the Central Garden. It can be entirely hardscape, a private gardening space for a container garden with automated irrigation, or whatever mix of the two you desire.

The garage provides significant storage on one full sidewall and the front wall.

The Single Story Walden is designed to beautifully and efficiently use every one of the 1,538 square feet. Natural light floods the living spaces from the entry side and the long full wall of windows facing the Central Garden. The public spaces – the kitchen, great room, and dining room -- are more than 600 square feet of what can be used as a single spacious entertaining space. The den provides a private getaway with plenty of natural light. A second full bathroom accommodates visitors or overnight guests.

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The Two-Story Walden includes a spacious second story master bedroom/bathroom suite nearly twice the size of the ground floor master suite, plus a second upstairs bedroom/office with stunning views of the Central Garden. It is elevator-ready or the elevator can be installed during initial construction.

With the 2-Story Walden, the ground floor Great Room opens to a dramatic two-story space with two full floors of glass opening to the garden. All or parts of the stair railing to the second floor can be a stunning architectural steel railing. The second floor loft provides a great media room or den and there is a beautiful powder room.

There are multiple rooftop terrace configurations for the 2-Story Walden model. The sweeping panoramic views from all the Rooftop Terraces feature our spectacular 60,000 sf Central Garden as well as the uplifting feeling of full sky views day and night.

The Rooftop Terrace can be reached by stairs, as well as by elevator, if the owners have chosen to have one installed.

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