"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle."
Walt Whitman, American poet, essayist and journalist, 1819 – 1892

Spokane South Hill townhomes offer night views of the garden.

Enjoyment of the Central Garden extends into the nighttime, thanks to subtle lighting that transforms the daytime beauty of the Garden into a tasteful, magical centerpiece for evening contemplation and entertainment.

Our extensive, computerized LED lighting system is programmed to complement the landscaping, season and time of night. The lighting is brighter during the early evening hours when residents are active, and dimmer as people are retiring for the night.

In addition, the color hue of the lights is subtly adjusted -- whiter during the winter when there is snow, more golden in the fall as leaves are changing, and with a slight green cast for the spring and summer. The control system also allows the lighting to be adjusted as the seasons and length of day change. Great care has been taken to insure that the Garden lighting enhances, rather than detracts, from the natural garden setting.