Frequently Asked Questions
Are townhomes currently available?
The availability of townhomes for sale or presale fluctuates as we move through the construction process. Small groups of townhomes are under construction at any given time and available for presale. The best way to determine the status of units for sale and presale is to contact Erika at 509.995.5077 or

The first residents moved into Bella Terra in December 2017 and the adjacent units sold shortly after. As only 36 homes are available in Phase One, with a much smaller number of each particular model/location, we anticipate demand will exceed availability for these units adjacent to the Central Garden.

Can I reserve or purchase a townhome now?
We are currently taking reservations, which will establish priority in the ultimate purchase of Bella Terra townhomes.

Reservations at this time will not obligate you in any way, but will secure your "place in line" should you decide to purchase at Bella Terra.

In addition, townhomes are available for presale, which means the purchase takes place before or during the construction phase. This provides the added bonus of allowing you to make decisions regarding floor plans options, design, materials and finishes.

If you would like to make a reservation or explore the option of a presale, please contact us at 509.879.5340 or

Is there a way to receive updates on construction at Bella Terra?
The most up-to-date information on Bella Terra is on our Facebook page. To insure you see new information when it is posted on Facebook, "Like" our page, then click on the box to the right of the "Liked" box that is labeled "Following." Put a check next to "See first" under "In Your News Feed" and put a check next to "On" under "Notifications."

To be added to our contact list click here.

Do I need a real estate agent to purchase a Bella Terra home?
No, you do not need a real estate agent to purchase a new Bella Terra home. Unlike the traditional purchase of a single-family home from another homeowner, where a real estate agent assists in negotiating a purchase price, the townhomes in Bella Terra will be sold at standard prices to all buyers.
Can I make changes to my desired floor plan?
The extent of floor plan changes depends upon the specific model, and how early in the construction process we receive the request. The Emerson model, for instance, already has a number of standard floor plan options to choose from.
What types of interior design and add-on options do you offer?
At Bella Terra, we have designed the home interiors to include the most desired add-ons and extras in order to provide you with the best possible value and a simplified home buying experience. Subject to the time of purchase, buyers are free to select interiors finishes.

We are happy to review the floor plans and interior options and to answer your questions about making a Bella Terra townhouse the perfect home for you. Contact us at 509.879.5340 or 509.995.5077 or

What services will be provided by the Home Owners Association (HOA)?
The HOA will provide maintenance of all the common area grounds, streets, pathways and home exteriors. This includes landscape and lawn care, snow removal, exterior window washing, sewer and water, and a roof and road reserve fund.