Philosophy of Design

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Visionary & Product Designer, 1955 - 2011

Spokane townhome features courtyards, patios, terraces.
The design philosophy for Bella Terra homes is a combination of elegance, simplicity, function and flexibility.

This is achieved using the following fundamental design criteria:

  • We focused on creating townhomes with a contemporary feel, while embodying traditional values of craftsmanship and integrity, and carefully avoiding trendy elements that are popular today but may look dated in five or ten years.
  • We insured that all space in the townhome would be functional and efficient in order to provide abundant features while remaining modest in size.
  • The garden and residences have been designed in a fully integrated manner, and we are constructing the Bella Terra townhouses ourselves in order to insure that the integrated design is faithfully executed.
  • While the structural quality and external finish will be consistent for all units, we provide an unusually wide range of choices. Whether you're interested in ground floor living or a stunning second-story terrace, a small "cottage" or a large three-story family home able to accommodate a greater number of overnight guests, Bella Terra has something for you. Our townhomes range in size from 1,165 square feet to 3,820 square feet, with one, two, or three stories.
  • We designed Bella Terra for ease of living. The Central Garden, roads, and exterior finishes will be professionally maintained, freeing residents from yard work and outdoor maintenance. Residents can travel worry-free, knowing their home is within the security of a gated community (the road gate will have an access control system) and under the watchful eyes of neighbors. Also, the homes will be prewired to allow a monitored security system, if desired.
  • The Emerson Townhome is our most flexible and dynamic model. With the main living space on the second floor, it offers four distinct ground level floor plans, including a physically separate “home within a home” living area for an elderly parent, adult child, an owner with a temporary physical limitation, or any long-term guest. If requested, an elevator can be added to the floor plan for installation during initial construction or at a later date.
  • At Bella Terra, we have carefully crafted a balance between privacy and community. For instance, each townhouse has independent walls for sound insulation – there are no true common walls. Also, townhouses with terraces are designed for privacy from neighboring homes.
  • When residents are outside their homes, the pathways, view points, gathering places and harvesting of food crops from the garden will help promote familiarity with neighbors and assist in building a sense of community. In addition, the opportunity to serve on the Homeowner’s Association Board or on one of the various sub-committees will give homeowners a voice and ability to shape their community.
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