Personal Garden Space

"This used to be among my prayers – a piece of land not so very large, which would contain a garden, and near the house a spring of ever flowing water, and beyond these a bit of wood."
Horace - Roman Philosopher and Poet, 65 BC - 8 BC

Entertaining in your personal garden space.
Most townhomes will have a private area outside their residence, adjacent to the Central Garden.
The privacy of this area will be protected by the design of the residences as well as by tasteful walls. At each resident’s option, this area will be a either a courtyard area for relaxing and entertaining, or a more heavily landscaped private garden area, or a combination of both -- using traditional or container gardening. The private garden option allows residents to continue with their hobby gardening, to the extent desired, while the Central Garden is professionally maintained.

Private patios, courtyard gardens, and terraces can be designed with a drip irrigation system for residents who want a container garden. The programmable drip system automates watering, facilitating gardening ease and maintenance of the plants during absences and travel. There is ample space for containers for residents who would like to grow an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers.

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